Don’t Have Time For The Gym Or Just Too Tired To Workout? One In Three Brits Admit To Shirking Exercise…but Men Are Still The More Active Sex

People living in the Yorkshire and Humberside region are the biggest non-fitness culprits, where 34 per cent admit to little or no exercise, meanwhile, London boasts the highest level of participation, just a fifth (21 per cent) rarely or never exercise. A spokesperson for Mintel, who carried out the research, said: ‘The research finds that a significant chunk of the population rarely or never exercise. ‘The leisure centres and swimming pool industry can engage with apathetic consumers in a number of ways; the most obvious way is trial, perhaps by way of offering a reward in return for meeting a challenge (e.g. cycle or run on a machine for two minutes) or simply bringing exercise machines to places where people go in large numbers, such as a shopping centre or high street. ‘Alternatively, they could consider utilising mobile facilities and taking them into the heart of neighbourhoods.
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Exercise becoming a new frontier in efforts to battle cognitive decline

“I think early intervention is a plus, but there is still a lot of anxiety and fear about dementia. And it’s critical that we find some answers in terms of prevention and cures.” The brain, just like other parts of the body, changes as it ages. That process can affect the functioning of neurons, the cells in the brain responsible for the way people think. “It’s a complicated metabolic pathway we still do not yet fully understand,” Wilson said.
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Positive memories of exercise spur future workouts

This is the first study to explore how positive memories can influence future workouts. “This study underscores the power of memory’s directive influence in a new domain with practical applications: exercise behaviors. These results provide the first experimental evidence that autobiographical memory activation can be an effective tool in motivating individuals to adopt healthier lifestyles,” researchers Mathew Biondolillo, a doctoral student in psychology at UNH, and David Pillemer, Dr. Samuel E.
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